Abbey Williams Moon in Gemini 10 September 2003 - 18 October 2003
Abbey Williams, Moon in Gemini, 2003, three-channel DVD film, dimensions variable

Foxy Production announces the first solo exhibition of New York artist, ABBEY WILLIAMS, and the opening of our new Chelsea gallery on West 27th Street. Williams presents Moon in Gemini, a three-channel DVD film that explores desire, love and loss.

Moon in Gemini grapples with the physicality, emotions and aesthetics of desire. The viewer is placed in the exciting and yet troubling nether region between romance and sex. Moving from a day-dreaming bedroom scene, the film’s main character attempts to act upon her yearnings by initiating multiple charged encounters on the street. Although her actions preserve a certain innocence and may aspire to a romantic ideal, they certainly implicate the viewer in her libidinal journey. Action, song and choreographed scenes are inter-cut – the character earnestly sings a karaoke rendition of Avril Lavigne’s I’m with You; ’60s female rock fans scream whilst in the throws of idolatry; whirling dervish break dancers hypnotically spin – creating narrative ruptures reminiscent of Bollywood cinema. Offering multifarious forms of bliss and loss, Williams makes intensely visceral the adage that desire is all about not having.

With deft editing and using multiple-screen projection to full effect, Williams washes the viewer in image, song and sound, while wittily provoking and challenging. She pursues remarkably fresh ground in the well-contested field of the representation of desire. Eschewing the hardcore, she produces a subtle, yet engaging, portrayal of the complexity of the world of love.